Respite Care in Edinburgh

Trinity House is a purpose-built care home in Edinburgh that offers high-quality Nursing, Residential, Dementia and Respite Care for older people at all hours. Our mission at Trinity House is to ensure that each and every resident leads a fulfilling life at our luxury care home, with the help of our friendly care team, as well as the selection of facilities and services we provide.

Life at Trinity House

Our residential care home features many on-site amenities for residents to use whenever suits them, which are included in the weekly fee. Each private bedroom benefits from en-suite facilities as well as plush seating and modern furnishings. Just a few of the fantastic amenities on offer include exquisite dining, arts & crafts, a library, private gardens, a cinema room and a hair and beauty salon for residents to experience the most enjoyable time during their stay.

Trinity House was built to satisfy all of our residents, regardless of their interests or abilities. Our dedicated team gets to know our residents to the best of their ability so that they can incorporate activities into the schedule that allows residents to carry out their hobbies on a regular basis. As we grow older, it is common for individuals to seek companionship to reduce loneliness. By moving to a care home and socialising with like-minded people on a daily basis, emotional well-being can be improved.

Resident With Hat On
Hair & Beauty Salon

Getting Out and About in Edinburgh

Our care home in Edinburgh offers a plethora of opportunities to explore the stunning capital of Scotland. The home itself is located on a quiet residential road, but not far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Just a 15-minute drive into the heart of Edinburgh, residents can visit the popular places such as Edinburgh Castle, St Margaret’s Chapel, National Museum of Scotland, and Edinburgh Zoo which can all be enjoyed in a group setting or with loved ones. 

Residents can use the local transport near to Trinity House, or, residents are entitled to make use of our chauffeur driven car which makes transportation to and from a destination a stress-free process. Arthur’s Seat is the highest peak of a group of hills offering scenic views from afar for visitors looking to make the most of their trip to Edinburgh.

A View of Edinburgh Castle From Below
Fresh Baked goods in a Local Bakery Window in Edinburgh.

Residential Care

Residential Care is a type of care suited to individuals who are no longer able to maintain their household or who are struggling to get around by themselves. Residents are provided with a luxury lifestyle, where nutritious home cooked meals are prepared each day and where all housekeeping chores are carried out by the Trinity House team, allowing residents to spend the time doing the things that matter most to them.

Our qualified team will go above and beyond to ensure your stay is always pleasant. No matter your reasons for residing with us, we will discuss your needs and interests prior to admission to ensure our home meets your expectations. Our aim is to improve quality of life, so that our residents can continue to do the things they love most without having to worry about the things that may hinder them from doing so.

Residents on a Walk Outside
Staff Making bed

Nursing Care

Nursing Care is a form of 24/7 care for those who need medical care and support from a nursing team. Individuals who will benefit from nursing care include those with physical disabilities, long-term illnesses, learning difficulties or those who require palliative care. Nursing Care aims to make someone’s life as comfortable as possible by managing their medication, providing personal care and using state-of-the-art nursing equipment such as profiling beds, hoists and walking aids.

Our nursing team will customise a care plan for each resident to ensure they are receiving effective, high-quality care at our nursing home in Edinburgh. Every resident at Trinity House will be assigned a key nurse who will be by their side whenever they need assistance, as well as be the first correspondence for loved ones.

Our Team on International Nurses Day
Nurse With Mask on

Dementia Care 

For residents living with Dementia, we provide specialist Dementia Care to ensure everyone receives only the correct level of care for their personal situation. Our staff receive ongoing training to make sure our residents live in an environment that is both relaxing and positively stimulating.

We recognise there are different types and stages of dementia which means each resident will require a personalised care plan that will be accurately followed by our team. The condition also progresses over time, so an individual may need more advanced care at some point during their stay, and we will be ready for when the time comes.

Man Looking at Framed Picture
Hands on Knees

Respite Care

Respite Care is care that is provided on a short-term basis. This type of care is beneficial for those who are full-time carers. A break from caring duties is much needed as it can be gruelling on one person. This will benefit both the carer and the recipient, and our staff will ensure the person in need of full-time care will be happy during their stay. 

Respite Care can also be provided to those who have recently had an operation or illness prohibiting them from carrying on with their everyday life. A temporary stay at our home will enable an individual to recover the right way. Respite care can last from a few weeks to a few months and can be used as a trial stay for those looking to move into a care home.

Resident Reading a Book
Tea and Mugs on Coffee Table

Here For You Every Step of The Way

We know how stressful it can be when it comes to finding the right care home for you or someone close to you. We welcome you to meet with our home manager to discuss the required care needs so that we can recommend the best care service available. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have during each step so that everyone involved in the process knows exactly what to expect. 

The Team Outside of Trinity House
Nurse Typing Up Care Plan