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Our cosy library has long been one of our home’s most favourite places for residents. Our library is a great place to unwind and read a favourite book or start a new one. We strongly encourage all residents to use the library space available to them in order to receive the many benefits of reading which include everything from the joy of getting lost in a book to stress reduction, better sleep, and increased memory.

We also allow our residents to read in a group or have our staff read to our residents in order to encourage them to use their imaginations while also creating conversation starters for other residents and even family members.

One of Life’s Simple Pleasures

Our library at Trinity House Care Home contains a number of quiet and comfortable reading places, so if residents prefer a peaceful spot to read, our library is the place to be. If residents choose to locate a different area around the residence, we have a number of communal living areas. You can enjoy your own company for an hour, an afternoon, or even a day before meeting up with other residents at the book club to debate the most recent book focus. Book clubs are more than just a reading group; they provide opportunities for our residents to socialise, make new friends, engage in conversations, alleviate loneliness, and much more.

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Something For All Interests

Our library, which contains popular classics like ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ as well as more contemporary works, attempts to appeal to a wide range of readers. Whatever genre our residents love, we are positive that something will catch their eye on the shelves. Our book selection is refreshed and extended on a regular basis, ensuring that even our most regular visitors will always find something new to enjoy.

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What You’ll Find at Trinity House

In order to ensure our residents’ comfort and well-being, our care home has been intentionally designed to offer a wide range of facilities and services, fostering an environment where residents can enjoy an enriching life.

Wide Selection of Books

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Newspapers & Magazines

Library FAQs

In our library, you’ll find an assortment of books, ranging from timeless classics to contemporary releases. Residents can also choose from a selection of newspapers and magazines, and we’re more than happy to arrange subscriptions upon request.

We are always adding new reading materials to the library and we also receive a lot of donations from residents, relatives, and local businesses.

Our library has been beautifully designed to provide residents with a relaxing environment, including a selection of armchairs, tables and furnishings.

High Quality, Around-the-Clock Care

At our Edinburgh care home, we are dedicated to providing a wide array of care services. We hold the belief that each resident should have access to top-quality care while also having the opportunity to engage in their hobbies and interests, and create new friendships in a welcoming environment.

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