Dining Area at Trinity House

Residential Care

We are pleased to offer residential care to individuals who are finding it more of a challenge to care for themselves at home. Our staff has created a welcoming and supportive environment where residents can enjoy the social aspects of group living while receiving excellent medical and personal care at our residential care home in Edinburgh.

Our personalised care plans are tailored to meet the specific needs of each resident, and we seek to provide not only around-the-clock medical care but also well-being assistance, allowing residents to live a full and happy life every day. Our residents’ health, happiness, and comfort are and will continue to be our top priorities at Trinity House Care Home.

Our Approach to Residential Care

Every six weeks, our care and support plans are reviewed at a meeting in which residents and/or a representative are invited to discuss current care needs and next steps. This is done at the benefit of every resident so that we can continue to provide the most appropriate care. Trinity House maintains an “Open Door” policy which is available for friends and family of residents to visit at all hours of the day. Our care home was built with our residents in mind by providing superb care services and facilities, residents can get the most out of every day at Trinity House.

Residents on a Walk Outside
Corridor at Trinity House Care Home

What Our Respite Care Package Includes

A wide selection of amenities and supplementary services are included in the cost of your stay at Trinity House Care Home. Every person has access to medical treatment if they require it, including:

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GP Appointments

Residents can schedule regular GP appointments and choose whether to go by themselves or with someone. Using our chauffeur service, we can also organise transportation to and from your location.

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Eye Care

If a resident needs their eyes checked by an optician, an appointment can be arranged. There is no additional charge for this.

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Dentist Visits

Every resident is scheduled for dental visits, and any checkups or oral treatment is included in the cost of your stay with us.

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Some of our residents may require the services of a professional physiotherapist to assist them with mobility and function, visits for physiotherapy can be organised to the home.

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Access to a Chiropodist

If residents’ require foot treatment, a Chiropodist can be scheduled to come to the home to examine and treat any foot problems.