Private Gardens

Our residents at Trinity House have access to a spacious front garden where they are able to stretch their legs, get some fresh air, and watch the wildlife that passes by.

Whether our residents want to spend some time alone outside or want to sit on a bench and talk with a loved one, our garden is the perfect area for individuals who appreciate being outside.

Making The Most of Our Outside Space

When the weather permits, we aim to offer as many activities outside as possible so that our residents can enjoy the sunshine. We encourage our residents to participate in garden activities such as planting flowers and tending to the shrubs. Gardening is highly encouraged by our residents as it provides a sense of independence and responsibility. We also host fetes that take place a few times a year.

Leaves in Plant Pot
Plants in Garden

Events at Trinity House

We often host fetes during the warmer months, and we invite family and friends of our residents as well as the local community to join us to help fundraise for a specific goal. The day is full of entertainment, food and refreshments and it’s wonderful to see everyone feeling accomplished after a day of fundraising. We also love to hold outside birthday parties for our residents and invite their loved ones for a day full of celebrations.

Bee on Flower
Twigs Outside

What You’ll Find at Trinity House

In order to ensure our residents’ comfort and well-being, our care home has been intentionally designed to offer a wide range of facilities and services, fostering an environment where residents can enjoy an enriching life.

Raised Flower Beds

Outdoor Seating

Bird Feeders

Al fresco Dining

Safe & Private

Wide Pathways

Private Gardens FAQs

We are strong advocates of offering our residents the opportunity to spend time outdoors regularly, allowing them to breathe in fresh air, partake in various outdoor activities, and relish the beauty of nature. We understand the positive impact this has on their overall well-being. Getting outdoors brings about a multitude of mental and physical advantages, including the reduction of stress and anxiety, an enhancement of mood, improved cardiovascular health, greater balance, and increased muscle strength.

We organise various outdoor activities, such as leisurely walks, gardening sessions and engaging lawn games. Whenever the weather is on our side, our residents have the opportunity to share meals with their loved ones outside, creating enjoyable and memorable moments together.

To ensure that our gardens are accessible and enjoyable for all, we’ve taken several measures. Wheelchair-accessible paths have been incorporated, making it easy for all residents to navigate and enjoy the outdoor spaces. Additionally, we’ve provided comfortable seating options for residents to relax outdoors. Safety is of utmost importance, so we’ve made our private garden area secure with fencing and gates, ensuring that residents stay within the garden boundaries.

High Quality, Around-the-Clock Care

At our Edinburgh care home, we are dedicated to providing a wide array of care services. We hold the belief that each resident should have access to top-quality care while also having the opportunity to engage in their hobbies and interests, and create new friendships in a welcoming environment.

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