We believe it is important that our future residents and their loved ones know everything they need and want to know about our Trinity House Care Home before making the immense decision to make our home their permanent place of residence. No matter how common or insignificant you think your question might be, we’ll be ready, and more than happy to answer it.

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions; we have done our very best to respond and appropriately answer each one, and we invite you to have a look. If you have any further questions, we’d be pleased to speak with you about them and invite you to get in touch either in person or over the phone.

Care Questions

Residential care, Nursing Care, Respite Care, and Dementia Care are the primary care services we offer to residents. Highly talented and experienced nurses are accessible 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for those of our residents who need more specific or intricate support. Additionally, we provide Dementia care and Old Age care.

Our team here at Trinity House Care Home is regularly trained to ensure that all of our residents receive the 24-hour, around-the-clock care that they require and expect from us. In order to provide our residents with the best care and living experience, our employees are kept up-to-date on everything from physical medical training to emotional support training.

Yes. In order to provide a continuous exemplary standard of care, our care facility must follow the legislation and the registering authority’s own guidelines. The Care Inspectorate (CI) inspects Trinity House Care Home on a regular basis, from which a report is compiled and issued to the home with any recommendations and requirements needed.

Our teams are highly qualified, and are experts when it comes to handling all types of medical situations. They make it their priority to take the requirements of all of our residents very seriously. If a difficulty arises that necessitates a different style of care to be assigned to a resident, we will discuss it with you and your family and make all the necessary steps to adapt the care plan in place, and develop a new pathway of care.

This is determined by the doctor, and their location in relation to Trinity House Care Home. Should the GP be local to our home, it is not a problem to continue seeing the same Doctor you always have. If you have recently moved and are new to the area however, your primary care physician is unlikely to travel to see you, and you will need to register with a local Doctor.

Knowing when a care home is the correct setting for a loved one is an incredibly difficult and sensitive decision. If you’re unsure whether moving into a care home is the next step, please get in touch with our team who are available to advise and help with any questions you have. 

Experience has taught us that If your loved one has recently experienced a fall or illness which led to a long period in hospital, it can sometimes become clear that your loved one will not be able to return to their normal lives at home. You may also witness a loved one who may be struggling at home and not able to cope with day to day duties, this can also be a sign that your loved one now requires more support in a safe environment. This can often be a challenging and emotional time, but we are on hand to help every step of the way.

Trinity House Care Home provides exemplary standards of Nursing, Residential, Dementia, and Respite Care in purpose-designed accommodation. Our approach however, goes beyond simply meeting care needs, it’s about caring for the health, well-being, and interests of our residents as a whole. We aim to provide a quality of life which enables individuals to retain their independence and enjoy a first-class standard of living.

We understand the enormity involved when making a decision to move into a new care home, and we are pleased to offer a four-week trial stay period for potential residents and their friends and family to assess our services. We are proud to provide exemplary standards of care all of which is entirely personalised to each resident and created with care and consideration to each specific need.

Care during Covid-19 Questions

In line with recent Government recommendations effective from 2nd February, in the event of the care home having a Coronavirus outbreak residents can receive a visit from their named visitor once per day in their private room. Residents or their representatives should be encouraged to identify a named visitor.

At any time, the COVID-19 regulations and guidance from the Government, National and Local Healthcare Agencies may change. For further information, please click here or contact the Home Manager directly.

We encourage residents to take part in visits out of the care home. This could be for a short walk, to attend a place of worship, for education, to attend work or for a longer visit, including an overnight stay to see family and friends.  A risk assessment will be completed by the Home ahead of the visit.

From the very start of COVID-19, our team members have, and continue to dedicate themselves to ensuring residents and loved ones are as protected as they can possibly be. Following Government guidelines, we have implemented a number of preventative measures including: Screen Dividers, Social Distancing, PPE, Remote Visits, Sanitisations and ensuring a completely Secure Premise. Head to our Covid-19 page to find out more.

Should you decide that this is the path you want to take, we ask that you carefully examine and think over any decision you make and the impact it might have on your loved one. We would be happy to offer guidance and advice when it comes to any and all consequences this decision may have. In order to provide alternate options, we will continue to assist and guide where we can.

We are extremely proud of our team during the Covid-19 pandemic; responding professionally and cooperatively to prioritise the health and safety of our residents. We have introduced a whole host of safety measures to our home, so our residents can continue living their lives in a happy and safe way. 

By implementing these preventative measures we have been able to reduce the risk of Covid-19 in our community. Our team at Trinity House Care Home are prioritising not only the health needs of our residents, but their emotional and mental needs too; from keeping up-to-date with government guidance to providing advice to all of our residents and their loved ones.

In line with recent Government recommendations effective from 18th December, adult care homes will continue to support indoor visits. It is however, recommended that no more than two households meet with a resident at one time inside the care home. Frequency of visiting your loved one will be guided by the care home arrangements. Visitors, including children, should undertake a LFD test before every visit to the care home and be able to provide evidence of a negative result. All visitors must also wear a Fluid Restraint Surgical Mask (FRSM). In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak within the home, the home will continue to support residents to choose a named visitor who may visit the resident in their private room if the local Health Protection Team allows.

At any time, the COVID-19 regulations and guidance from the Government, National and Local Healthcare Agencies may change. For further information, please click here or contact the Home Manager directly. 

Our top focus is supporting our residents’ wellbeing, and we take great steps to ensure that their health is taken care of properly. In line with recent Government recommendations effective from 2nd February, regular LFT and PCR testing for staff and residents is ongoing and is in line with Government, national and local agencies.

At any time, the COVID-19 regulations and guidance from the Government, National and Local Healthcare Agencies may change. For further information, please click here or contact the Home Manager directly.

When it comes to keeping our residents and their loved ones connected, we go above and beyond to offer a variety of easy-to-use options. We will gladly set up online video conversations and calls with friends and family, so residents have the opportunity to talk to them face-to-face, for as long as they like, thanks to our exceptionally fast internet connection.

There are currently no specific visiting hours in place here at Trinity House Care Home. We encourage visitors to come as often as they like and invite them to participate wholeheartedly in daily life with us. 

Due to health, safety and security we do ask that visitors notify us when they arrive and leave. Also knowing if any visitors are expected after 9pm is helpful for security reasons.

Facilities Questions

Before arrival, we spend time with each new resident to ensure that a bespoke care plan can be created. Should care needs change over time that’s no problem, we have a friendly, caring team who can help and adapt your care as required.

The teams here at Trinity House Care Home will compose an individual care plan that outlines the personalised care that will be executed throughout your stay with us. Care plans are reviewed on a monthly basis and revised as needs change.

Our dedicated and compassionate Activity Coordinator works exceptionally hard to ensure that our activities programme is bursting with a variety of activities and trips that cater for all our residents interests. From movie afternoons in our cinema, to days out at the beach and parks, a social and active lifestyle is guaranteed here at Trinity House Care Home.

If there are activities that residents have always done, such as meeting a friend for coffee each week or watching a certain TV show at the same time every Sunday, we will do everything we can to accommodate these interests and include them in our plans.

Yes. Residents will always have the opportunity to participate in frequent resident forums where they can voice their thoughts and contribute to daily life here at Trinity House Care Home. Residents and family members are also invited to participate in annual surveys.

Our in-house Chef and catering team produce delicious and nutritious meals on-site, using local meat, fruit, and vegetable suppliers. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served in the main dining area, but snacks and drinks are accessible all day. On request, room service is also provided. Our on-site Chef offers an exceptional standard of cuisine, catering to specific requirements and preferences each day like you would have at home. From mouthwatering dishes to snacks and afternoon tea, there is an unrivalled choice on offer.

We will take as much time as you need to settle into your new home; our experienced team is passionate about welcoming and integrating each new resident to their new home. Within the first 24-hours, you will have met with your dedicated staff member, established your care plan, and spoken with our Chef about food preferences.

Our team strives to make your transition to Trinity House Care Home as seamless as possible, from the moment you arrive. We make every effort to ensure your admittance is as comfortable as possible. Family and friends are welcome to join you at your new home and may stay with you as you adjust to your new life with us.

We understand some of our residents join us with a desire to simply to enjoy a new lifestyle, free from the stress and upkeep of housekeeping and maintenance while others require a little more support and care. Our events team strives to ensure there is no shortage of things to do or activities to take part in. Our staff are dedicated to providing exemplary care, leaving residents to enjoy the finer things in life, in stunning surroundings.

The Trinity House Care Home has been built with residents in mind. Residents are able to spend time with like-minded people who also thrive in living an active and varied lifestyle. Whether it’s playing games, going for a beach stroll, or visiting the botanical gardens, we have it all covered in our activities programme.

Finance Questions

We accept private funding, aka residents who pay for their own care (self-financing residents), as well as those who are publicly sponsored (by Local Authority and NHS).

All fees related with the Care Agreement will be ended from the date of death. Accommodation charges and contracts will be honoured for up to ten days after passing, allowing time for bedrooms to be cleared of any personal belongings.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for support from the local government or the NHS (Funded Nursing Care or Continuing Health Care). We strongly encourage you to obtain independent financial advice before exploring any further prospective funding options.

If your circumstances and care plan seem to plateau throughout your stay with us, the cost of your stay with us is unlikely to alter. We offer an all inclusive home, including a hair salon, fine dining, alcoholic beverages, newspapers, meals, outings, toiletries, entertainment and access to a Mercedes car.

We always aim to encourage dignity and independence of each of our residents, regardless of the type of care they receive. We encourage residents to maintain as much control as desired over your life and your assets. If however,you’d prefer someone at Trinity House Care Home to handle your money instead of you, that can easily be arranged.

The value of your home will be included as part of your capital in the financial assessment, that is if you’re moving into residential care (such as a care home or nursing home). The worth of your home will not be included in the assessment, especially if you are still receiving some form of care within your own home.

Rooms & Suites Questions

Our bedrooms are fitted with underfloor heating so residents don’t have to worry about keeping warm come the winter months. Our residents have full access to high-speed WiFi in their rooms, as well as a phone connection in each room too. Placing residents safety as priority, rooms are also fitted with controlled water temperature, nursing profile beds, hoists , stand aids, sit in weight scale, shower chairs and recliners.

All bedrooms are fully equipped with its own easily accessible en-suite bathroom, ensuring that our residents have the privacy they require and deserve. Each en-suite has been created with the resident in mind, so each bathroom boasts a selection of extras and amenities that are guaranteed to make life as easy as possible.

Trinity House Care Home has a capacity to house up to 55 people. Our en-suite rooms are designed for single-occupancy and are available to view should you wish to visit.

Family and friends are welcome to visit their loved ones Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9am and 6pm (ideally avoiding mealtimes where possible). We do ask that all visitors notify us when they arrive and depart from Trinity House Care Home. We also ask guests to inform us if they are due to visit after 9pm, to help minimise any security issues.

All of our residents are encouraged to personalise their rooms. There’s plenty of space in each room, to make it feel like a home-away-from-home. From personal belongings such as photographs and ornaments to tiny pieces of furniture and collectibles, we have found it’s usually the little extras that make all the difference.

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate pets at present. However, if you have any further questions surrounding this topic, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Offering a Full & Enriching Life at Trinity House

We believe that fostering strong links and building close connections with our residents and those closest to them is extremely beneficial to us; it allows us to personalise not only residents’ care, but their day-to-day life also. From the events we host, to the facilities we provide, it is a priority for us to ensure residents feel inspired and valued every day. There is no shortage of things to do or activities to take part in; residents are presented with a widely varied programme, leaving them spoilt for choice and in a position to live an enriching life with us here at Trinity House Care Home.