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Palliative Care

At Trinity House, we provide compassionate palliative care at our care home in Edinburgh which has been created to provide around-the-clock care for individuals who are nearing the end of their lives. We also extend our support to family members during this difficult and emotional time.

We give complete care and support to people in our community and our team goes above and beyond to ensure residents receiving palliative care receive a dignified and comfortable experience.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care, which is also known as end-of-life care, is a care service given to those who are living with a critical illness or health condition and who are in the last stages of their lives. Someone may be nearing the end of their life due to natural deterioration or a terminal illness or life-threatening health condition.

Making sure the individual is as comfortable as possible is the main objective when providing palliative care in a care facility, by reducing a person’s pain and symptoms, as well as ensuring dignity is preserved and wishes are fulfilled.

Loved ones are also supported by care professionals, and where individuals can spend time with their families whilst everyone receives the support they need to help get them through this difficult time.

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Nursing Care in Edinburgh

Palliative Care at Trinity House Care Home

Our care home in Edinburgh consists of a dedicated team of qualified nurses and care staff who are committed to providing outstanding care, 24-hours a day and who treat everybody with dignity and respect.

We use a holistic approach to care and work with other healthcare professionals to ensure that we can meet the needs and wishes of our residents. Our care teams provide high-quality care and support that’s tailored to each individual.

We support both residents and their relatives as we understand just how difficult and emotional a time like this can be. We allow visitation at any time of day so that families can spend valuable time together.

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Bed & Living Area in Double Suite

What You’ll Find at Trinity House

In order to ensure our residents’ comfort and well-being, our care home has been intentionally designed to offer a wide range of facilities and services, fostering an environment where residents can enjoy an enriching life.

Nurse Call Systems

Personalised Care Plans

Profiling Beds

GP Appointments

Dentist Appointments

Optician Appointments

Chiropody Appointments

Physiotherapy Appointments

Palliative Care FAQs

Palliative care can be provided in different settings including care homes, hospices, hospitals, or even in an individual’s own home. Choosing a care home that offers palliative care provides access to 24-hour care from experienced care professionals in a comfortable and homely setting.

Trinity House Care Home acknowledges the challenges and emotional journey that families go through when their loved ones need palliative or end-of-life care. Our dedicated team is here to offer assistance, address your concerns, provide guidance, and extend unwavering support to help you make the best decisions for your family.

We recognise the importance of families spending valuable time together during this period of care. That’s why we enable unrestricted visiting to ensure you can be with your loved ones at any time.

High Quality, Around-the-Clock Care

At our Edinburgh care home, we are dedicated to providing a wide array of care services. We hold the belief that each resident should have access to top-quality care while also having the opportunity to engage in their hobbies and interests, and create new friendships in a welcoming environment.

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