Our Approach

At Trinity House Care Home we proudly offer exceptional levels of person-centred care and the first-class quality of living, in terms of both luxurious accommodation and care support. 

From the moment residents arrive on our doorstep, our staff do everything possible to ensure that their stay is welcoming and comfortable. We believe that our home is more than just a care home, it’s a community too: providing a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment and a luxury lifestyle that’s both enriching and rewarding.

We provide exemplary standards of Nursing, Residential, Dementia, and Respite Care in purpose-designed accommodation. Our approach is more than meeting care needs, it’s about caring for the health, well-being, and interests of our residents as a whole. We pride ourselves on the standards of care delivered by our highly trained and motivated team.

Personalised, Person-Centered Care

Delivering person-centered care means we are able to support each of our residents in a way that is most beneficial to them. From health care to daily activities, we work around-the-clock to ensure that each of our residents experience a comfortable and enjoyable stay, no matter their length of stay. Our team is trained to ensure each individual is given as much, or as little support as you need, and provide residents with a safe setting in which they can live a fulfilled life each and every day. We do all we can to make sure we are looking after every individual as a whole and offering facilities and activities that allow them to flourish and live the life they desire.

Communal Living Room at Trinity House
Resident In The Kitchen

Regular Care Reviews for Residents

We adopt a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) approach to care which enables us to provide a thorough medical assessment by bringing together professionals from many disciplines in an organised and efficient way. Using this method allows Trinity House Care Home to deliver exceptional and personalised care to each of our residents. After an initial assessment, residents will continue to benefit from further assessments carried out regularly, to ensure they are consistently receiving the most appropriate, high-skilled care. We assign each resident their own nurse, or key worker, who will learn their requirements, preferences and interests, and provide them with the correct level of care for them on a continuous basis.


A True Home-from-Home

Our whole ethos focuses on the word ‘home’; it’s important that Trinity House Care Home feels like home for all of our residents, and offers all of the home comforts that you would expect. The sense of home is also about the little things, such as a family meal in the private dining area with your loved ones, or getting stuck into a book in your own little world in the library. We understand the importance of selecting the correct care home, which is why we encourage potential residents to stay with us for a trial period. Residents and their loved ones are welcome to join us for the day, visit the home and take their time looking around and seeing what life with us is really like.

Trinity House Double Bedroom
Private Dining Table

Offering a Full & Enriching Life at Trinity House

We believe that fostering strong links and building close connections with our residents and those closest to them is extremely beneficial to us. It allows us to personalise not only residents’ care, but their day-to-day life also; from the events we host to the facilities we provide, it is a priority for us to ensure residents feel inspired and valued every day. Due to the exceptional work from our Activity Coordinators, there is no shortage of things to do or activities to take part in; residents are presented with a widely varied programme, leaving them spoilt for choice and in a position to live an enriching life with us here at Trinity House Care Home.

High Quality, Around-the-Clock Care

Here at Trinity House Care Home, we prioritise our residents, and work around-the-clock to ensure they receive the very best of everything we have to offer, in terms of care, accommodation and lifestyle. From the moment residents arrive on our doorstep, our team works tirelessly to ensure everyone feels welcomed, comfortable and that they feel safe and entirely at ease. We, more than anyone, understand that settling into a new home is unsettling and a big life changing event, which is why within the first 24-hours, residents and their loved ones will have met with their dedicated staff member, discussed a care plan and any particular requirements and are free to explore their new home and get to know their fellow residents and staff. As well as providing an environment where everyone can enjoy a first-class way of living, our highly-skilled staff deliver twenty four hour nursing care through a method known as key nursing; high-quality around-the-clock care is delivered day and night.